My College Food Journey


College is a place of growth in many aspects in your life. However, being so far away from home, family, and friends you can feel overwhelmed. You’re not just stressed out about school, but you’re also adapting on your own. You’re finally an adult! With adulthood, come responsibilities. The most important, is fueling the body with good brain food. Feeding yourself may seem like a simple task. However, this can be quite difficult for someone on his or her own for the first time. One may think the only way to survive is Taco Bell, Pizza, or expired instant Ramen. This may work for some, but for me, college is a place to create life long habits. I want to start a life choice of eating healthy on a budget.

As a College Sophomore, I want create a Blog which tracks my journey of Healthy eating, tips, and tricks to help others who are on the same track. I would share my own photos and videos of my experience through cooking, shopping, and getting help from others.  For the Adobe Illustrator project, I can create a logo that incorporates juggling school and cooking. The logo can be a symbol of a lifestyle choice. For the Adobe Audition project, I can interview other students on their own ideas of eating in college and CO-OP workers to stress the issue of healthy eating.

I got inspiration from a lot of Buzzfeed Tasty videos and recipes. Most of them are fairly easy and have few ingredients. I even found some meals that are on the healthier side. ( The website Spoon is focused for University students. I found this story, which lists a bunch of college food blogs that are friendly and easy to follow. ( Lastly, I found a blog called, “Not Your Average College Food.” I found some great recipes and found it very entertaining. (



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